Wittmann Battenfeld at Plastpol 2012

Wittmann Battenfeld at Plastpol…
Wittmann Battenfeld with innovative injection molding technology in Poland.

From 29 May to 1 June 2012, Wittmann Battenfeld will be presenting state-of-the-art injection molding technology to interested trade visitors at the Plastpol, the international plastics processing trade fair in Kielce, Poland.

Battenfeld has already been operating successfully on the Polish market with injection molding machinery for many years. The Plastpol in Kielce is an important platform for Wittmann Battenfeld to present latest technologies.

The focus at this year’s PIastpol is on machines from the PowerSeries. This time, a machine from the all-electric EcoPower series will be shown, as well as the latest machine model from the MacroPower series, a MacroPower 500. The MacroPower 500 represents an extension of the company’s large machine series down to a lower clamping force range. The compact machine series is now available with clamping forces ranging from 500 to 1,100 t.

On the new MacroPower 500/3400, stoplights for a Lancia car model will be manufactured from PMMA in a 2-cavity mold supplied by OLsa Spa, Italy. A Wittmann W823 robot will be used to remove the parts and deposit them on a conveyor belt.

On the second machine, an EcoPower 180/750, the production of a surface panel will be shown, using a variothermic process together with BFMOLD TM . In this technology, the entire space below the cavity is used for heating and cooling. This enables extremely even and, above all, quick cooling of the mold area. Therefore this technology is of interest not only in order to reduce cycle times, but also to prevent warpage and to reduce tension. Moreover, sink marks and joint lines can be prevented with the help of BFMOLD technology, above all on components with a visible surface or parts with a high-gloss surface. The finished parts will be removed and deposited by a robot from the W821 series with a single vertical axis and a maximum load capacity of 12 kg.