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Wittmann Battenfeld – Experts…
At the Plastpol, the trade show for plastic processing, from May 24th to 27th in Kielce, Poland, Wittmann Battenfeld will be presenting its know-how once again this year – with a special emphasis on such important topics as energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness and compliance with the most demanding standards.

Wittmann Battenfeld’s presentation at this year’s Plastpol will focus on the company’s expertise in matters of cost-effectiveness and energy-efficiency, which will be illustrated by means of the electric machines of the new PowerSeries product generation. At the same time, however, the suitability of the electric machines for medical technology applications will also be impressively demonstrated.

The PowerSeries features high precision, compact design, maximum user-friendliness, a modular concept and high energy-efficiency. The common concept for all machines is a complete solution according to the principle of “everything from a single source”. Numerous peripheral appliances and robots are compactly integrated and operated via just one control system. Another common feature of all machines is the under Windows XP running UNILOG B6 control system, which offers a uniform control and operation concept for easy handling of the injection molding machines, including all integrated peripheral equipment.

Above all, the EcoPower – the all-electric machine of the PowerSeries – features an exceptionally high level of economy and energy-efficiency. Additional characteristics of the EcoPower include extreme cleanliness, precision and process reliability. This makes the machine ideally suited for use in medical technology and cleanroom applications.

At the Plastpol an EcoPower 180/750 will produce a medical technology component for a dialysis device, FX 50 flange, with a 4-cavity mold supplied by Braunform GmbH (Germany) from PP within a cycle time of 19 seconds. To enable production under clean-room conditions, the machine is equipped with a laminar flow module from Petek (Germany) above the clamping side. The parts will be removed from the mold space with a horizontal Scara robot from the Wittmann W8XH series and transferred to a clean-room station integrated at the rear of the machine.

On an EcoPower 110/350, a clamp fitting (T joint 20x3/4“x20) of the Finnish tool-maker Tooler, IFW group, will be manufactured from PP within a cycle time of 28,9 seconds. Demolding of the thread is effected by means of servo motors, which are activated directly via the machine’s control system. This dispenses with the need for an additional control system to trigger the servo drives. The parts will be removed and deposited on a conveyor belt by a W823 robot from Wittmann.

Specifically designed for injection molding miniature and micro-components, one of the most interesting aspects of the MicroPower is its innovative two-step screw-plunger injection unit. This injection unit can be used to inject thermally homogeneous melt, resulting in premium-quality parts while ensuring extremely stable production and short cycle times. This makes the machine extraordinarily cost-effective.

At the Plastpol, a MicroPower 15/7.5 will be used to produce paper clips from POM with a six-cavity mold from Microsystems UK in a cycle time of just 4 seconds. The finished parts will fall onto a conveyor belt. With this application, the company will be demonstrating the highly cost-effective production of small parts.

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