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Release agent application - the classic

WEKO application systems are most often found in the area of release agent coating of PET film. These thicker single or multilayer films are used for ther-moforming trays. When manufacturing products by thermoforming, silicon emulsions make it easier to release the trays from the moulds and to destack the final products. Thanks to the minimal and very exact application of anti-blocking agents uniform and high-quality plastic trays are produced. At the same time, the thermoforming process represents cost benefits by increasing the cycle rates, reducing downtimes and minimising the release agents used.

Polyolefins - the divas

Naturally, in addition to PET films, polyolefin products can also be coated. Because of the surface energy water-based coating of polyolefins usually requires corona pretreatment. From a surface energy of the film of 38-40 mN/m very thin, uniform coats can be produced with dry thicknesses in the nanometre range. Common applications in this area are anti-fogging, antistatic and antibacterial coats.

Another use is the reduction of curling effects of co-extruded blown and flat films. Due to different cooling characteristics of the individual film layers, tensions - and thus significant rolling tendency of the film - may occur after extrusion. Extremely uniform and controlled application of a minimal amount of moisture compensates the tension and results in considerable quality enhancement.

Primer - the young and the wild

The application of primers for extrusion coating represents the latest applica-tion area. For example, a bonding agent is required when a PE coat is co-extruded as sealing coat onto PET film. With the WEKO application system this primer can be applied exactly and uniformly onto the carrier film, even at variable speeds. Application of the primer takes place without contact and is merely pulled into a uniform film through a smoothing roller. Compared to the conventional method, using anilox rolls and chamber doctor blade systems, minimal and constant liquid application can be produced with the non-contact WEKO process. Thanks to the minimal application, the cost for the primer and also for the operation of the dryer can be significantly reduced. Lower investment costs and reduction of the process costs make the system particularly attractive for new facilities.

Rotor application systems - maximum precision

WEKO has specialized in applying finest surface films on material webs. Rotors arranged in a row within a rotor carrier and rotating at high speed ensure a non-contact application of liquids. The rotary movements of the rotors and the resulting centrifugal forces produce a uniform flow of finest micro-droplets. This special technology allows the application of even the smallest amounts of fluid precisely, reproducible and adapted to the speed. In addition to its wide dynamic range, these systems excel through outstanding service-friendliness. WEKO application systems represent both highest industrial requirements and also cost and ecology-minded production.

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