Vecoplan records its most successful year in company history again in 2023

Vecoplan records its most…

In 2023, the Vecoplan Group celebrated its fourth consecutive record year, despite the challenging global market situation.  For the provider of machinery and systems for the processing and handling of primary and secondary raw materials for material and thermal recycling, this forms the basis to continue pursuing the growth trajectory.

“We can once again report a record year in 2023, with revenue reaching a new high,” says Werner Berens, CEO of Vecoplan AG.  Customers were – and still are – unsettled by the geopolitical situation and the tense global market.  Many are postponing their investments.  “Despite the challenges this presents for us in order intake, we were able to slightly increase both revenue and profit compared to 2022,” explains CFO Ina Hannen.

“For 2024, we’re planning more cautiously,” adds Werner Berens.  “However, the continued high demand for our products and solutions gives us cause for optimism.”  This is why the company has continued to expand its workforce.  In 2022 and 2023, the group increased its staff by nearly 100 new employees.  The company also made substantial investments in its own development last year.  For 2024, the Vecoplan Group plans to invest another 13 million euros.  A significant portion of this will go towards expanding capacity at the production site at its headquarters in Bad Marienberg, Westerwald.

Ina Hannen and Werner Berens Vecoplan can once again boast a record year in 2023.
Ina Hannen and Werner Berens Vecoplan can once again boast a record year in 2023.

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