The Fakuma 2017 was a great success for ENGEL

Premiere for innovative applications, machines and technologies

In addition to inject 4.0, the live demonstrations in five highly integrated production cells contributed to ENGEL's success at the Fakuma 2017. They included several world premieres. For example, in the automotive exhibition area ENGEL produced the first exterior component worldwide in clearmelt technology. This also represented an immense leap in development as compared to the previous presentation. With the new Colourline System by the ENGEL partner Hennecke from St. Augustin in Germany, PUR colour systems can now also be used in the clearmelt process. ENGEL demonstrated how quickly the colour change is performed in live operation. The components – both in high gloss – were alternately produced in black and in grey.

Until now, the subject of clearmelt revolved around decorative elements and electronic functional components for the vehicle interior, however, with the technology developed by ENGEL with Hennecke and other partners, there is an increasing focus on the exterior. In addition to the high efficiency of the integrated process, the reason for this is the enormous scratch resistance and high surface quality of the resulting components. Not only the automotively inclined among the trade fair visitors stopped at the clearmelt exhibit. For example, the technology also opens up new possibilities for manufacturers of control elements in various industries. Decorative as well as capacitive foils can be efficiently overmoulded. Functional elements thus vanish beneath a continuous, closed surface.

New e-mac 280 is the shortest machine on the market

Also part of the ENGEL line-up at Fakuma was a new machine. With the e-mac 280, ENGEL has extended its machine series for all-electric applications in the teletronics and technical moulding areas at the top, taking into account the trend towards the increased use of multi-cavity moulds in the production of highly precise volume components. In addition, the new injection moulding machine provides an important contribution to an increase in area productivity. Thanks to optimised toggle-lever geometry, with its length of 6.20 metres the e-mac 280 is the shortest all-electric injection moulding machine in this clamping force class on the market, and that in spite of retaining its very large opening stroke of 600 mm.

Ongoing good economy in the plastics industry

In order to continue meeting the rising demand in future, at the Fakuma ENGEL announced comprehensive investments into its worldwide production sites, the continued expansion of its sales and service teams, and the reinforcement of local application-technical, automation and industry expertise. "The very positive mood in Friedrichshafen is an important indicator, both in Europe and worldwide, for the ongoing good economy in the plastics industry", says Steger.

Source: ENGEL
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