Taiwanese flexo print concern took a breath of fresh air

Taiwanese flexo print concern…
Ehovoc is making a breakthrough into the Asian markets with the biggest sale in the history of the company. Finland-based Ehovoc will deliver a VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) treatment plant to a Taiwanese flexo print concern in January 2012, with an option for the delivery of another incineration plant later on.

Ehovoc’s catalytic incineration plants purify polluting VOC gas emissions that are dangerous to health and the environment. The gases are usually organic solvents that occur as a by-product of industrial processes used, for example, in printing, painting, car manufacture and pharmaceutical industries as well as food and chemical industries. Europe and North America have strict VOC gas emission regulations, and the hardening of the legislation in Asia, China and India has opened up new markets.

“The global air protection market is estimated to grow two and a half-fold from what it is now by 2025. During this momentum, we are also going to increase our turnover ten-fold,” says Reijo Silvonen, senior advisor at Ehovoc Oy.

Independent measurements reason behind deal

Ehovoc has made science a competitive asset in its product marketing as their cooperation with the Department of Process and Environmental Engineering at the Oulu University has proven to be a winning formula.

“The independent measurements, that meet official standards, were the key to closing the Taiwan sale. The customers want to be sure that the new technology works. From the measurement results they get the research report made by the university,” Silvonen enthuses.

The incineration plant is ready for installation upon delivery and therefore it can easily be integrated in the customer’s production process without causing lengthy production breaks. Wireless technology is utilized in the operation of the plant and maintenance reporting, which means that it only takes a few seconds to get the results to your mobile phone. Also, due to its modern design, the incinerator looks great.

Ehovoc has delivered over fifty incineration plants to various companies around Europe, including Pirelli, Panasonic, Foxcon, Ruukki, Rettig and Fermion. The current order base is the second largest in the company’s history.

Energy-efficient elimination of VOC gases

“A modern catalytic incineration plant’s energy consumption can be only a tenth of the consumption of a traditional thermal plant. The investment often pays itself back already in two years as energy cost savings,” Silvonen points out.

Taiwanese buyer had found Ehovoc through Cleantech Finland network.

“Clean processes and energy efficiency are both very important areas of Finnish cleantech expertise, mainly due to the country’s industrial history and extreme circumstances. We are happy to be able to help Ehovoc and other Finnish companies succeed and solve environmental challenges of the world”, says Santtu Hulkkonen, Executive Director of Cleantech Finland.

Further information:

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Executive Director Santtu Hulkkonen, Cleantech Finland
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