Super Clear IML- innovation from Printing Company Verstraete

Super Clear IML- innovation from Printing Company Verstraete
SuperClear IML is yet one more great example of innovation from Printing Company Verstraete. Until recently, the potential of this super transparent solution appeared limited. By using a primer in combination with a UV lacquer, a certain portion of the film’s original transparency was lost. This process also proved to be rather complicated and expensive. Printing Company Verstraete has now decisively eliminated these obstacles.

At the same time, this new solution provides the injection moulder and the brand owner with tremendous flexibility. The technique allows an infinite number of different IML looks to be created with the same keyline. If the brand owner wants to switch to a label that has a different shape, there are no more costs required for reprogramming the IML robot. Choosing a partially-printed SuperClear label with some areas that are still transparent - and thus invisible - will suffice. This offers injection moulders and brand owners the option to market multiple variations in packaging that were all produced within the existing keyline, and this with maximum flexibility and no changeover costs.

With this technique we are also capable of creating the illusion of a floating label. This label is only printed on the upper part of the packaging, something which would be a huge challenge - or even impossible - with a standard white IML label.

By only printing the upper portion of the SuperClear label, the label appears to be floating. However, the label is actually injected underneath the IML base layer so that it can be processed trouble-free.

The benefits of SuperClear IML:
  • Super transparent see-through areas - the No Label look
  • High flexibility with no changeover costs or delay
  • Possibility of floating label look.

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