Sumitomo shows the way at K 2013

Sumitomo shows the way at…

New Systec SP (Speed Performance) fast cycling packaging injection moulding machine

The new Systec SP (Speed Performance) 280, with a clamping force of 2,800kN, is designed for injection moulded packaging, boasting fast cycling speeds and low running costs making it ideal for budget conscious, high volume plastic manufacturers.

Application areas are vast and include mass production of latches, lids, buckets and stacking boxes to name a few. On their stand, Sumitomo Demag will demonstrate the manufacture of 1.2L polypropylene buckets (84g) cycling at 5.3 seconds using Inmould Labelling decoration techniques. Parallel removal of the buckets and insertion of the IML label into the next mould for the next cycle will be performed by high speed linear handling.

The Systec SP combines a powerful electric motor for the dosing procedure and hydraulic motors for mould and injection movements which are supplied by a central, usage optimised, activeDrive servo technology. A hydraulic accumulator and a fast position controlled hydraulic valve deliver high speed injection.

The manufacture of IML decorated buckets using the new Systec SP 280

Single step 5'' touch screen manufacturing – New IML/IMD Production Cell

The new fully automated injection moulding IML/IDL Production Cell mass produces 5'' touch screen displays, which includes management and insertion of the IML screen foil into a lacquer decorated moulded frame, in a single step to ISO Class 7; all managed by a suspended 6 axis industrial robot.

In each cycle the robot takes one conductive inmould label (IML) from a stack and positions it precisely onto the fixed half of the single cavity mould. Simultaneously, the inmould Decoration (IMD) carrier, fitted on the closing side above the moving mould half, precisely positions a carrier foil with individual images for decorative coating of the moulded part into the cavity. The narrow frame is injected and decorated using inmould decoration in black piano lacquer finish. Once the mould is closed, the display is injection moulded in Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) using a film gate and variotherm mould temperature control. The moulded part is ejected and transported to a sealed separation station where a CO2 laser removes it cleanly from the film gate. It is then cured under UV to harden the topcoat of the decorative foil and transferred to a cleaning station to remove any IMD foil residue.

The new IML/IMD production cell - single step 5