Sumitomo shows the way at K 2013

New upgrade - Colour changes in a flash

For those wanting to add colour to injection moulding parts, Sumitomo will present their activeColourChange pigment dosing system with extremely short colour change times; thanks to the pigment being dosed directly into the melt-filled metering zone of the plastification unit. Designed for up to 5 colours, the upstream feed and compression zones remain free of pigment allowing a shorter screw length to be rinsed during colour changes. Uniformly coloured pieces can be collected after only a few cycles of new pigment being added enabling processors to benefit from less waste and reduced change over periods. This is ideal for manufacturers of caps and closures that require frequent colour changes and can easily be integrating to a new machine or retrofitted to existing machines such as the El-Exis and Systec.

Setting new standards - plastification without compression

The new SL plastification system, which uses a low feed plastification compression screw without compression zone, eliminates process variations and ensures high quality technical precision moulded parts such as optical component each and every time. The material feed is controlled using an upstream dosing screw and the optimum filling level is determined by material properties and process parameters. The added granulate is melted almost exclusively by cylinder heating of the plastification screw. Sumitomo will demonstrate the system with a double moulded smartphone case with an injection weight of 45g and cycle time of 25 seconds. The SL plastification system is currently available as an option on the fully-electric SE-EV Series with a clamping force of 500 to 1800 kN.

Designed for packaging injection moulding the Systec SP 280; for fast cycling and low running costs