Successful IML launch in Colombia

Successful IML launch in Colombia
Since the middle of last summer Campi margarine tubs have been available in the refrigerated displays in Colombian supermarkets. The Campi packaging upgrade was carefully prepared and it is now very different from the previous deep-drawn rectangular container with its direct offset printing.

The new packaging shines not just as a result of its visually pleasing shape, but also due to its attractive transparent coloured lids. The oval shape ensures that the consumer wastes less of the product and the eye-catching lids enhance the recognition factor of the three variants (salted, unsalted and light). Finally a total of three IML labels per pack, delivered by Verstraete and placed at the bottom, tub and lid – finish it off completely.

Following the initial successful launch in Colombia, TEAM foods has also launched this packaging in Mexico under its Country Ranch brand name. This successful formula is spreading.

This project was set up jointly with Stackteck (a mould manufacturer), (CBW Automation (IML robots) and Husky (injection moulding machines). TEAM Foods specialises in manufacturing fats, vegetable oils and their derivatives for food applications. The TEAM Foods group has four factories in Colombia and divisions in Chile and Mexico.

The supplier of IML labels is a market leader in labeling - Printing Company Verstraete based in Maldegem, Belgium.

IML labelling by Verstraete



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