Stora Enso produces board-based tray for cold cuts

Stora Enso produces board-based tray for cold cuts
Finnish food producer HK Ruokatalo is the first firm to adopt Stora Enso's new Primeforma board packaging for a range of cold cuts.

Stora is billing Primeforma as an alternative to plastic trays and said the board tray is the result of two years of development in conjunction with HK. The firm said that developing Primeforma to be process by existing lines was a “major technical challenge” but that the end result meets all requirements for food contact materials and hygiene. It is also recyclable in the same stream as milk and juice cartons, Stora said.

- The board’s oxygen barrier performance and smooth sealing surface ensure a long shelf-life for modified-atmosphere packaged food products - said Stora Enso development engineer Tommi Kauri. - On the other hand, it’s important for the consumer for the pack to be easy to open.

HK packaging specialist Asko Koskela said: - As the formability of board and the coating methods have developed, new opportunities have opened up to develop consumer packaging, in the future also in the meat products’ sector. The relauched cold cuts range hits shelves this month. Marketing manager Kim Lindholm said: - Fibre-based packaging is an interesting solution that appeals to consumers. In addition to environmental aspects, fibre also offers a more pleasing feel compared to plastic.

Stora Enso produces board-based tray for cold cuts


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