Sibur strengths its derivatives and acrylic acid activity

Sibur strengths its derivatives and acrylic acid activity
Russian petrochemicals giant Sibur Holding has consolidated production of acrylic acid and its derivatives in the country and surrounding former Soviet states with its purchase of JSC Acrylate of Dzerzhinsk, Russia.

Sibur, which has a petrochemicals plant just 2km away, currently supplies the JSC Acrylate facility with the raw material propylene, is considering raising capacity at the newly acquired production unit.

The JSC Acrylate plant is capable of manufacturing up to 25,000 tpa of ester grade acrylic acid, 36,000 tpa of heavy ester butyl acrylates and 10,000 tpa of light ester methyl and ethyl acrylates.

“The acquisition of JSC Acrylate will help accelerate development of the market acrylic derivatives in Russia and the CIS,” stated Valery Andosov, head of speciality chemicals and polymer projects at the Sibur group.

“We, together with our partners, are considering the possibility of increasing the output capacity and expanding the processing of products by JSC Acrylate.”
Meanwhile, Alexander Grigoriev, the spokesman for JSC Acrylate’s parent group Atek Group said the firm’s disposal is in line with Atek’s strategy and the deal was “in accordance with market principals”.

The takeover is “another significant step” in Sibur’s growth strategy in “separate, carefully selected segments of speciality chemicals”, stated Sibur president Dmitry Konov.

Acrylic acid and its esters are used in the manufacture of a wide range of polymeric materials, acrylic dispersions, copolymer compositions and super absorbent products with applications in various industries.

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SIBUR is the leader of petrochemistry in Russia and Eastern Europe.




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