Sealed Air increases packaging speed and accuracy with Quick Shot

Sealed Air increases packaging…
Sealed Air, a world leading provider of protective packaging solutions, has launched its innovative new delivery solution to enable operators to increase packaging productivity with less effort.

The Fill-Air Quick Shot system can deliver up to 120 metres of Sealed Air’s Fill-Air cushions per minute and feed them directly into boxes on packaging lines. This helps operators to create a higher volume of void-fill packaging at a quicker speed and with less input from operators.

The new system easily integrates into packaging lines and is fully compatible with Sealed Air’s Fill-Air 2000 and Cyclone systems. Andy Robinson, Product Manager at Sealed Air Europe, comments; “Fill-Air Quick Shot is an extremely versatile system that has been designed to maximise efficiency and outputs.”

Using the system’s unique, ergonomically designed ‘tug’ feature, operators can select the required amount of air cushions necessary for their packaging needs by simply tearing the desired quantity from the chain of bags. The operator’s tug is registered by the machine, which automatically replenishes the supply of bags ready for the next box. This enables operators to keep close control over the amount of packaging material used and quickly move onto the next carton, minimising wasted material, time and effort.

The system features a minimal footprint, which allows it to take up the least amount of valuable floor space, while providing a truly integrated packaging line solution. A new film developed specifically for Quick Shot offers further flexibility and enhanced performance. The new film reduces the effort required to separate bags from the chain by 50%. Quick Shot can dispense void-fill bags ranging from 200mm wide to 350mm wide and has been ergonomically designed to make packaging production quicker and easier for operators.

Andy Robinson continued: “We understand that our customers require solutions that are both efficient and effective. Quick Shot meets these requirements by delivering increased outputs and productivity, while improving operator comfort.”

Quick Shot has been designed specifically for use in high-output packaging operations and is ideal for streamlining online or mail order pick-and-pack operations. Sealed Air’s Fill-Air inflatable packaging systems are available in a variety of fast, easy-to-use systems that deliver air-filled cushions on demand, providing excellent protection and efficient void-fill, while reducing material and shipping costs.

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