Scrap can be turned into art, functional art

Scrap can be turned into art…
Artist Cory Barkman takes inspiration from the bygone era to create his amazing work. His work is reminiscent the time gone past and yet, is fairly contemporary. Amazing as these lamps look, they have been constructed entirely out of scrap. Cory searches for water, air, gas and mechanical parts at the scrap yard, identifying material that could potentially be used. We imagine him sifting through mountains of scrap, looking for the one part that will make the magic happen. Materials are not randomly used for the lamps, each lamp is unique, with its own theme that dictates the selection of parts.

With each part chosen so carefully, these objects also have functions to perform. Valves can serve as switches, gauges are used to display time and temperature, and then there are dimmer switches, hand-set rivets, hand-cranked telescoping bodies.

scrap lamp

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