Recycling topics to be presented at PETnology Europe 2012 conference

Recycling topics to be presented at PETnology Europe 2012 conference
Today we are pleased to inform you about PET recycling topics to be presented at PETnology conference:

PET Recycling - Think beyond the First Cycle

KRONES AG, Dr. Thomas Friedlaender, Head of PET Recycling

It is not only the properties of the recycled PET that matter. It is also important how the PET has been treated in the recycling process. The SuperPET approach eliminates a complete melting loop by going directly to the preform. This approach by Krones AG has earned an award from the European eco innovation program.

rPET for food-contact packaging – how to make the best of it

Starlinger, Elfriede Hell, GM Division recycling technology

For some years, it was unclear if using PCR content in a packaging is marketable. The answer is clearly ‘yes’ now.
The presentation is going to cover a short overview of the recycling industry (perceived trends), concentrating on quality management in the process and availability of analysis tool to ensure high security, results of performed challenge tests to proof food-safety, etc. Also aspects of ‘recyclability’ are going to be covered, e.g. barrier technologies and its effect on the recycling stream and reuseability. Finally a short overview of the available recycling technologies in general and Starlinger recycling technology in special will be presented.

Smart and Efficient – MAS Extruder for PET

M-A-S Maschinen - und Anlagenbau Schulz GmbH, Günther Klammer, Managing Director

Co-rotating twin screw extruders are commonly used in compounding. The conical design offers a vast performance spectrum especially for processing of PET scrap.
The presentation will give examples for the processing of material sources from recycling material like PET re-grind production waste from film or bottles, washed PET flakes or URRC-PET flakes and will give detail information on the demands in inline compounding, power consumption, properties, applications and further opportunities.

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