Recycled plastic bottles used in trayGUARD+

The fabric from which the product is made incorporates a patented natural silver and copper ion technology by Foss Manufacturing that has been proven effective against a wide spectrum of microbes including bacteria, mold & fungi commonly found in aircraft interiors. Furthermore, the antimicrobial technology is integrated into the fabric and will not leach into the environment, as do some antimicrobial solutions. trayGUARD+ uses the same technology as an FDA approved facemask used by health-care professionals to protect against microorganisms, body fluids and particulate materials during a medical emergency. The fabric used to make trayGUARD+ was recently awarded the New Hampshire High Technology Council product of the year.

Now in production, trayGUARD+ is available for direct and wholesale purchase via the websites -,, and at select retailers. „The great thing about this product" says Wilbur, „is that unlike wipes or gels that provide one-time, short-term protection and must be reapplied frequently, trayGUARD˙+, provides a constant hygienic surface for the duration of your trip. Most importantly, trayGUARD+ provides peace of mind that you have at least one clean surface in your personal travel space." trayGUARD+ is an easy-to-use, economical solution to combat germy tray table surfaces, and best of all, the product blends antimicrobial performance with environmental consciousness.



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