PolyOne launches 99% Bio-Based reFlex 300 bioplasticizer

PolyOne launches 99% Bio-Based reFlex 300 bioplasticizer
PolyOne Corporation introduced reFlex 300 bioplasticizer, the latest addition to the Company’s industry-leading family of Sustainable Solutions.

Derived from rapidly renewable feedstocks and certified to contain 99 percent bio-based content, this non-phthalate alternative provides a one-for-one replacement for general-purpose plasticizers used in flexible vinyl formulations. This new material was developed to help customers meet their sustainability goals with a non-phthalate, bio-derived solution.

“We continue to see increased marketplace demand for renewable technology for plasticizers,” said Rob Rosenau, president, PolyOne Performance Products and Solutions. “Our reFlex 300 bioplasticizer enables customers to expand their offerings with differentiated alternatives that heed consumer calls for eco-conscious solutions.”

PolyOne reFlex 300 bioplasticizer can help customers reduce their carbon footprint and eliminate phthalates without compromising in-service performance. Further, this new technology assists manufacturers and brand owners in satisfying the requirements of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA), which bans certain phthalates in products used by children.

Certified under the USDA BioPreferred program to be 99 percent biobased, reFlex 300 bioplasticizer can enable users to explore certification of their own products to this standard, potentially resulting in preferential procurement status with the United States Federal Government.

Flexible vinyl markets and applications that can benefit from reFlex 300 bioplasticizer include: healthcare – tubing and connectors; electrical components – plugs and insulators; building and construction products – weather stripping, gaskets, office furniture, and flooring; consumer goods – toys and shoes.

PolyOne reFlex 300 bioplasticizer is the second technology to be commercialized as a result of a development alliance between PolyOne and Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM). In April of this year, PolyOne introduced fast-fusing reFlex 100 bioplasticizer.

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