Plastpol 2012: the biggest Polish trade fair for the plastics industry

Plastpol 2012: the biggest…
This Tuesday, 29th May in Targi Kielce there will be abundance of the world’s business sector leaders of plastics processing and rubber.

Over 700 companies from 32 countries from almost all continents will have their exhibition stands here. The exhibition stands will be the display for all kinds of machines and appliances used in plastic processing industry, tools and moulds utilised in this line of business supplemented with the whole variety of plastics and components, recycling technologies as well as IT systems which support the plastic processing industry in addition to technological solutions and ready-made products. The fair is also the place to see complete process lines and product processes in addition to the product lines presented in April at the Shanghai’s Chinaplast exhibition

The novelties will encompass large size machines, technological innovations and ready made products. The Amargo company will put on display its ecological ice skating rink which can be used all-year-round. What is more – it does not require complex mounting procedures, kilometres of piping, special maintenance machines and, first and foremost, it does not require electricity to keep up the temperature. AMARGO System can function as a stationary ice skating with a permanent location for many years as well as a mobile ice skating rink which can be used for different events; it can installed both outdoor (the standard feature of the rink panels is ambient temperature resistance and stabilisation) as well as indoor.

Other novelties will be put on display by WETSIM – bottle-packing table, SCORPIO (the world’s fastest tampgraphy machine), Coleman International a (small character ink printer, the print & label system)and TransWest (thermal regulators, universal indicator for extrusion moulding, power regulators for UV radiators).

A special collective exhibition stand of Rhineland-Palatinate
Rhineland Palatinate is one of German’s leading lands with regards to export. Entering foreign markets represents a considerable challenge also for companies of the plastics processing business sector.

This is why Rhineland Palatinate has its collective exhibition stand at the PLASTPOL 2012 trade fair; the stand will be a showcase for seven companies from the land. This group presentation is coordinated by Mittel- und Osteuropazentrum Rheinland-Pfalz GmbH (MOEZ).

The Rhineland Palatinate exhibition stand will feature the following companies :

1) apra-plast Kunststoffgehäuse-Systeme GmbH offers individual plastic cases; the company utilises the whole array of technologies; milling, bend forming, fill sealing and encapsulation, deep stamping. Cases for different applications can be produces in small batches, starting from just one piece as well as in bulk.
2) Hahn Kunststoffe GmbH products are made of recyclable plastics. The Hahn Kunststoffe GmbH offers a whole diversity of products dedicated for industry, home use and agriculture.
3) Keim-Additec Surface GmbH designs and produces water-based wax additives for various type coating systems; they are marketed under the ULTRALUBE brand name.
4) EUROCERAS Sp. z o. o., is associated with Keim-Additec GmbH company; it produces high quality CERALENE PE waxes and synthetic waxes for different technical applications .
5) Treffert-Gruppe Polymer Technology Masterbatch Works operates in a whole cluster of European companies which have their design and production facilities in France and Germany; they offer a comprehensive colour-palette of dyes and pigments, modifying additives, compound mixtures and master batches for the plastics industry sector.
6) VECOPLAN AG – a leading partner for the international business sector of wood management & processing and recycling. The company designs, produces and sells state-of-the-art machines and systems for wood and recyclable materials shredding, transport and processing. The company offers system solutions; it also supplies comprehensive sets for processing the whole diversity of household and industry refuse materials in addition to paper and plastics applications.
7) Polymer-Chemie GmbH – a granulate producer; owing to its product range this is the linking point between the raw material sector and the plastics processing business line. The company deals in compounding, polymer refining and modification.

The exhibitors from Rhineland Palatinate have observed a rapid growth of Poland’s plastics market; they hope to establish a whole series of profitable business contacts as the result of the Plastpol trade fair.

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