Perfect colors and tailor-made coloration with Novopearls micro granulate

Perfect dosing without compromise

As a result of the tiny grain size of 450µm, Novopearls can be dosed extremely accurately. The user has three dosing options:

1. Adapting all screw conveyors on all granulate conveyor equipment on existing production lines.
2. Use of Novosystems dosing equipment if a combined application with liquid colors is desired.
3. Dosing micro-granulate with MCBalance from Movacolor using gravimetric dosing has worked well in practice. In this case, switching from Novopearls to conventional granulate and vice versa becomes a trouble-free option.

“This flexibility of the hardware to dose Novopearls has cost-savings and technical benefits”, says Rainer Hoop, “the result is low levels of investment and adaptations to existing plant.” Whatever solution the user chooses, the dosing equipment allows maximum control over dosage amounts, with no pulsation with high volumes or finely-tuned dosing of smaller batches. Where granulate color batch is recommended, changing to Novopearls can normally be achieved using existing dosing equipment.

Extremely Efficient and Delivers Best Coloration Results

Novosystems produces ready-to-use color batches with a minimum size of 100 kg. Alternatively customers can mix their own colors from 15 – 24 mono-batches. Using additive color mixing, customers can tailor coloration to their own requirements. A special coloration system comprising color measuring equipment and recipe software with an integrated color database makes the flexibility and creativity of Novopearls possible. These tools naturally enable reproducible coloration. Novopearls make bigger savings possible through smaller dosing amounts in comparison to conventional color granulates and through faster color changes.

The Special Benefits of a “Liquid Solid”

For the first time Novopearls micro-granulate makes it possible to benefit from the characteristics of liquid colors and avoid the well-known disadvantages of granulate materials. On the one hand it is significantly more cost-effective than using conventional granulate and on the other hand, due to specific pigmentation, allows a higher degree of coloration (chromaticity) than liquid colors. Very low dosing amounts and excellent homogenization results in cleaning effect similar to liquid colors. Abrasion is reduced making cleaning agents unnecessary. Dust formation is no issue with Novopearls. Time-savings gained through quick color changes present the user with a higher degree of flexibility.