PET bottle will biodegrade

UK specialist in anti-microbial additives Wells Plastics and Canada`s Planet Green Bottle Corp (PGBC) have co-operated to develop technology that renders PET bottles oxo-biodegradable. Triggered with exposure to oxygen, heat and UV light, oxo-biodegradability is said to ensure long shelf life before the degradation commences.

Wells Plastics worked with PGBC to develop Reverte, an additive that accelerates microbial activity that causes degrading of plastics bottles that are perceived to last forever in landfills, ditches, rivers and oceans.

Director of technology for Wells Andrew Barclay states: - Reverte mixes with the standard PET feedstock with no impact on the clarity and physical properties of the bottle. The contents are protected and the shelf life is unaffected. Once disposed of and exposed to UV light and heat, the spent bottle commences its degradation profile, first embrittling and breaking into small pieces, and then once the molecular weight is reduced sufficiently the material becomes available for biodigestion.

He also stresses that the new technology is compatible with oil based plastics, remarking: - PET bottles manufactured using the Reverte additive can enter the normal plastics recycling streams without issue or adverse affect. PGBC says a number of brand owners and private labellers will be testing the proprietary oxo-biodegradable PET bottle for use with spring water, vitamin water, wine and spirits. It is adaptable to most liquids and solids packaged in PET containers, the company adds.