Next Generation Recyclingmaschinen GmbH at the Plast Milan

Next Generation Recyclingmaschinen…
The P:REACT - Improvement Equipment for PET – follows the design principles of LSP (Liquid State Polycondensation) and considerably improves the IV-values of PET and effectively cleans the material for 100% food contact. Four different models size from 150 kg/h to 2.200 kg/h output. The compact measurements and the sophisticated design allows for flexible use at PET-converters or PET-recyclers. P:REACT in fact creates upgrades materials for higher material value.

The Shredder-Feeder-Extruder combination from NGR features automatic shredding force to reach optimal rPellet quality at highest resource efficiency. The intelligent machine now calls for maintenance when required. Together with incorporated maintenance videos and electronic manuals the machine actively assets the operator, allowing to shorten downtime and providing for higher machine utilization. A life demonstration of the recycling machine S:GRAN 65-50 V HD will show all the features at the NGR booth.

The BritAs Automatic Band Melt Filter is designed to handle high volumes of heavily contaminated melt streams – predominantly PE. Low operational costs and melt spills lower than 0,2% make this system highly efficient under rough 24/7 production conditions. At the NGR booth this filter will be displayed with the updated control unit featuring flexible connectivity to data networks.

The market introduction of a new inline melt characterization device “T:FILTER” now allows quality assurance at its earliest point. The T:FILTER automatically analyses the level of contamination in a plastic melt. The robust design for 24/7 operations and a broad selection of exchangeable filters opens the unit to many applications in plastic converting, compounding and recycling. More inline melt characterization devices are to come in the following months.


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