New process cooling remote monitoring

New process cooling remote monitoring
IL—new microprocessor-based remote monitoring control from Frigel North America will be on display at Frigel's NPE 2012 for attendees to see firsthand how the system makes maintenance and performance optimization easier than ever.

Convenient, user-friendly remote monitoring expands on Frigel's longtime commitment to intelligent process cooling technology. Booth visitors will have an opportunity to experience how user-friendly it is and how the control system tracks a wide array of system parameters in real time, allowing Frigel's experienced technicians to assess and resolve maintenance issues quickly while also seeking opportunities to maximize process cooling efficiency.

In the customer's facility, the remote control panel, called PMR, is installed and serves as an interface between the equipment and the Internet. The large, easy-to-read digital display shows the main operating temperature as well as descriptive alarm messages, and comes with an ergonomic keypad that offers easy access to control screens and menus. The display accommodates customers across the world by offering 10 different languages and a choice of metric or inch-pound systems.

There are two models available: PMR0 and PMR6. Via the Web, Frigel technicians can identify a problem and often resolve it using features that control and manage fan speed and monitor ambient temperature, pump pressure, flow, reservoir levels, valve and filter pressure.


Frigel is a market leader around the world in plastic process cooling systems.




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