New injection moulding machines produced by Negri Bossi

Negri Bossi’s new range of hybrid injection moulding machines, to be marketed under the Janus name, will make its debut at the Plast 09.

The launch marks the first time that Negri has offered a fully hybrid unit, previous combined machines having been restricted to hydraulic machines with electric screw drive.
Two models of 370 and 900 tonnes will be on display from a range which covers 160 to 850 tonnes clamp force.

The machines combine electric actuators for mould clamping and screw rotation with hydraulic actuators for injection phase and offer overlapping movements as well as a high degree of configuration flexibility, according to the company, part of the Sacmi group.

Janus machines can be supplied with either variable delivery pumps, when the moulding is a technical part requiring an injection speed up to a maximum of 100mm/second, or accumulators and servo valve for speeds up to 250mm/second for thin wall parts or very short cycle times. Pricing of the range lies between the hydraulic and fully electric Negri Bossi machines, the company says.The Janus name is derived from the Greek god who, according to legend, was able to take his experience from the past to forecast the future.