New features within the “ifw inmould label & gasket” innovation

A combination of CAM System & label integration from a magazine allows customers to cut down on cycle times & costs.

Research and Development is a main concern at ifw mould tec GmbH, international leader in quality and technology of mould-making for plastic pipe fittings. Thus, at Plast 09 the Austrian company will be presenting for the first time a brand new technical further development of its patented „ifw inmould label & ifw inmould gasket“ innovation.

A combination of ifw inmould gasket and ifw CAM System cuts down on cycle time while ensuring optimum use of machinery capacity.

The ifw inmould gasket technology allows to build in the gasket of a plug-in connection piece, such as a fitting, with only one movement of the mould tool, thus saving one operation. Furthermore, this procedure allows the use of personalised sealing lips.

- From now on this procedure for automatic gasket integration may also be combined with our CAM System – mechanical core pulling without hydraulic cylinders. Our customers save on valuable cycle time which allows them to use their production facilities still in a more optimised way - Dr Friedrich Kastner, managing director of the ifw Group explains.

Automated Inmould Labeling cuts down on costs by incorporation of labels from a magazine.

Another new option within the automated series production is to insert the printed labels into the cavity from a magazine. The mechanical insertion is carried out through the opening movement of the mould tool which avoids loss of cycle time. A main advantage of this procedure consists in the fact that it goes without any robot or additional drive”, Ing. Josef Ebner, R&D manager at ifw says. The inmould labeling replaces the procedure of marking moulded parts by engraved dies which has been in use up till now.

- Along with a high saving potential, these new features of the ifw inmould innovation offer our customers also increased flexibility as the labels may be designed individually and adapted according to their functions. Likewise it is possible to use RFID chips - DI Sebastian Eigruber, Sales manager at ifw explains.

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