New energy-efficient mobile and stationary SOMOS resin dryers

New energy-efficient mobile…
ProTec Polymer Processing, the international system supplier to the plastics industry, presents the new energy-efficient SOMOS RDT and RDM resin dryers. Firstly, the SOMOS RDT-250 stationary resin dryer for medium capacity material throughputs and, secondly, the SOMOS RDM-140/400 auxiliary dryer which increases the maximum material throughput capacity of the RDM mobile dryer series. With the high-performance, energy-efficient equipment and systems for pre-processing flowable plastics presented at K 2016, ProTec Polymer Processing now covers the entire process chain from conveying and drying to dosing and mixing whether for injection moulding or for extrusion.

Stationary dryer for medium capacity throughputs

The new SOMOS RDT-250 stationary dry air dryer can handle a material throughput of up to 200 kg/h with an effective dry air throughput of 140 to 300 m³/h. The dry air generator and the drying bin are also of a new design. The drying bins, which are square on the outside and cylindrical on the inside, can be fitted together to form a compact modular drying system comprising up to at most six bins in graduated sizes with effective volumes ranging from 50 l to 300 l. Installation and commissioning of the drying system are simple, as are cleaning and servicing.

Another new feature is the PLC-based, Industry 4.0-capable SOMOS control/excellence dryer controller with its user-friendly touchscreen operation offering numerous drying parameters tailored to the specific material together with versatile documentation functions. To ensure energy efficiency, RDT dryers are equipped with energy-saving technology which automatically responds to changes in ongoing operation. Drying air throughput is automatically adapted to a module's current material throughput while desiccant bed regeneration is adapted to the actual moisture loading of the adsorbent.

The dry air generator is a multi-chamber system with three desiccant bins, which ensures a consistently low drying air dew point of minus 35°C, so resulting in uniformly good drying results. As standard, the RDT stationary drying system is designed for drying temperatures of 60°C to 140°C while a high-temperature version for up to 180°C is also available. Further options include a condensate separator for critical and contaminated polymers as well as a dew point sensor.


RDM mobile dryer series completed

ProTec's new SOMOS RDM-140/400 dryer completes this series of energy-efficient mobile dry air dryers. The RDM series is the new generation of the dryers previously known as the T/TF eco series. These dryers are designed for drying medium capacity throughputs of flowable, hygroscopic polymer pellets and regrind. With an effective volume of 400 l, the new dryer can achieve a throughput of up to 150 kg/h depending on material, some 30% more than the previously largest RDM-100/300 auxiliary dryer with its volume of 300 l. Drying bins with an effective volume of 30 l to 400 l are available in six graduated sizes. The dry air throughput of 10 m³/h to 140 m³/h is adapted to the particular bin size. Located right by the processing machine, RDM dryers flexibly pre-process a volume of material suited to the machine's throughput. Drying temperatures of 60°C to 140°C at a drying air dew point temperature of minus 35°C are standard while a high-temperature version is also available for drying temperatures of up to 180°C.

In addition to the current design of the new SOMOS RDM-140/400, ProTec also showcases the SOMOS RDM-70/200 which, like all the other dryers in the series, has been redesigned. The dryers consist of a dry air generator and an insulated stainless steel drying bin. They are optionally available with an integral conveying unit for automatically feeding the processing machine. The dry air generator operates with the single chamber system using a reduced quantity of desiccant, so ensuring rapid and energy-efficient desiccant regeneration.

The RDM series dryers, like all SOMOS resin dryers, are equipped with energy-saving technology which automatically responds to changes in ongoing operation. Drying air throughput is adapted to current material throughput while desiccant regeneration is adapted to the actual moisture loading of the adsorbent. A high-performance, easy-to-use PLC-based touchscreen controller (SOMOS control/smart) monitors, controls and documents all dryer functions and, thanks to its numerous interfaces, the controller is Industry 4.0-capable.


ProTec Polymer Processing GmbH based in Bensheim, Germany, has been a recognised partner to plastics processing and manufacturing companies for many years. Its service portfolio includes systems for the efficient handling of plastic materials, turn-key systems for solid-state post-condensation of plastics, recycling lines as well as complete systems for producing long-fibre reinforced thermoplastics (LFT pultrusion lines). As a member of the Schoeller Group, ProTec Polymer Processing has access to a global sales and service network and has the ideal infrastructure in place to provide comprehensive on-site customer support.