New convenience on seasoning shelves

New convenience on seasoning shelves
Kotányi is setting eye-catching and practical trends with innovative spice jars from kavo by greiner packaging.

Light and modern - this is the new spice jar design now being used by Kotányi to set new standards on the German market. Together with kavo by greiner packaging, the seasoning manufacturer has managed to unite the best handling features with an appealing design. - Thus we are catering to the needs of the promising target group of young consumers - market-product manager Günter Ausserwöger from Greiner Packaging is convinced.

"We inspire people with creative cooking, because herbs and spices are our passion" - this is the philosophy of the spices manufacturer Kotányi. This passion is also reflected by the new spice jar design. Together with kavo by greiner packaging, Kotányi has created a packaging solution that supports the customer in the best possible way.

An individually matched design allows customers to distinguish the new spice jars at first sight. With an unambiguous colour code, it is much easier for the customer to choose a product. Green stands for "Fine herbs", whereas red colour designates "Ingenious mixtures". The spice category "Exquisite herbs" is brown in colour and "Aromatic cuisine" shines in a sunny yellow colour. Thus, the desired product can be quickly located on the spice shelves and distinguished at first sight due to its colour code.

New convenience on seasoning shelves

With the newly developed spice jars, kavo by greiner packaging and Kotányi are meeting the customers` demands precisely. The jars are not only easy to open but easy to re-close as well. In addition, an XXL opening provides for easy and fast re-filling. Another benefit of the new spice jars is close at hand in the true sense of the phrase: Indentations on the jar sides provide for a good and safe grip during use.

For more than 125 years, the brand Kotányi has been synonymous with spices and herbs of premium quality. The Austrian family-owned company is based in Wolkersdorf, Lower Austria, and doing business in more than 20 countries. In Austria, Kotányi has a workforce of 240 employees, and internationally 180 more employees work for the firm. In 2007, turnover increased by 8 per cent, totalling EUR 90 million.

Greiner Packaging is one of the leading companies in the European packaging industry. In 2007, the company achieved annual sales of EUR 351.7 million or 32 percent of the total Greiner Group sales. Greiner Packaging employs a workforce of 2,869 employees at 21 production sites throughout Europe.

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