New carbonator: the Carboflow

New carbonator: the Carboflow
In the shape of the newly developed Carboflow carbonator, Krones is presenting an affordable, user-friendly solution for making both still and carbonated water products.

The Carboflow has been designed for deaerating and carbonating mineral and table waters. For processing medicinal water and still water, the machinery components through which the product flows are reduced to a minimum by appropriate routing, thus assuring gentle product handling. On request, moreover, the system can be supplemented by a high-precision dosing unit for liquid components (flavour).

The continuously operating Carboflow is available in the output classes of 8, 15, 30, 45, 60 and 90 m3/h. The deaeration function utilises pressure, while the foreign gases released from the water are removed by quantitative CO2 flushing in dependence on the recipe concerned.

The carbonator doses CO2 in the range from 3 to 10 g/l at product temperatures of up to 20°C. The CO2 is added using the saturation carbonation principle, with the integrated control system autonomously computing the pressure required, and adjusting it continually to suit the beverage temperature involved.

All worksteps, from production, including start-up and shut-down, all the way through to CIP cleaning, are run under program control. An extensive recipe memory is provided for dependably reproducible product quality. The compactly dimensioned construction offers maintenance-friendly accessibility. The Carboflow is suitable for all filling systems.

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