New Weima`s single-shaft shredders

New Weima`s single-shaft shredders
The compact design of the WLK 12 includes a new press-down device that enables the customer to shred even the largest size totes without the need to pre-cut.

This new single-shaft shredder is equipped with a doghouse design hopper that is open over top of the rotor. Whole pieces are directly loaded into the front of the machine. After the container is loaded into the cutting chamber the integrated press-down device will ensure that the part is situated in the bottom of the shredder. The horizontal ram pushes the material into the rotor parallel to the down stroke of the press-down device.

Both pressing actions are controlled by sophisticated electronic controls that read the amp-load on the main motor and optimize the pressure applied to the cutting rotor. This optimization acts to keep material in constant contact with the rotor. The Weima V-Rotor provides tight tolerances between the rotor and the stator knife to ensure proper size reduction. When material is shredded small enough it will pass through a screen that is mounted under the rotor. At this point, the material can be further granulated if desired.

The working width of the WLK 12 is 1200 mm. This size machine can handle intermediate bulk containers and other large totes along with materials in sizes up to 1m x 1m x 1 m.

The V-Rotor that is utilized on this machine has a diameter of 368 mm. The main drive of the WLK 12 is either equipped with a 37kW (50hp) or a 45kW (60hp) motor to achieve capacities of 600-1,000 kg/hour (1,300-2,200 lbs/hour) with screen sizes from 20mm-100mm. The machine weighs approximately 7500 kg (16,500 lbs). The machine can be used for other applications like purgings if the optional press-down device is disengaged. Caption: WLK 12 single-shaft shredder for the size reduction of bulky plastic containers and parts with thin gauge wall thicknesses.

The another single-shaft shredder of Weima, range WT Tornado is an alternative for WLK. It can be is used in the wood, plastic and recycling industries for shredding large volumes of wood, textiles, paper, film, fibres.

This system was specially designed for the needs of the municipal solid waste (MSW) and the Refuse Derived Fuels (RDF) industry.

The special designed Wing Ram guarantees an effective size reduction for light weight materials like film, paper, veneer.

Tornado is an ideal solution for shredding light weight materials and is also a clever addition to the tried and tested mentioned WLK Series. The special swinging Wing-Ram guide pusher ensures the constant feed of materials onto the rotating knives. Tornado can be delivered with an optional V-Rotor or a Flat Rotor system. The Rotor surround is fitted with concave knives which are four times reversible.

Weima has over 20 years of experience in the area of grinding and shredding technology, offering machine solutions to customers while considering not only their individual requirements but also safeguarding and preserving the resources of the international market. Weima has developed a wide range of high performance plastics, wood and substitute fuel shredders as well as briquette press machines which cover the needs of an increasingly demanding and changing market.