Netstal at Plastpol 2010

Netstal at Plastpol 2010
This year again, Netstal, the Swiss manufacturer of injection moulding machines, presents its equipment at the plastics exhibition Plastpol in Kielce, Poland on the stand of its agent Muehsam-Elektromech.

On show is Netstal’s Elion machine which is by now perfectly established in the market. A demonstration from the area of thin-walled injection moulding underpins once more the output capability of this range of all-electric Netstal moulding machines.

The packaging application shown on the Elion 1750 at the fair reveals the high economic efficiency of these all-electric machines. The moulded article is a container holding 500g, produced with a 2-impression mould of the German company Steiert at a cycle of less than 3.2 seconds. Moreover, the packaging part of a polypropylene of Borealis is provided with a decorative label during the moulding process by means of IML (In-Mould-Labelling).

A handling device of Messrs Ilsemann of Germany is responsible for the accurate insertion of the label and the subsequent removal of the finished products from the mould. Equipment of the Italian company Moretto takes care of raw material feeding and the chiller unit is from the MTA company also domiciled in Italy.

The production system shown at the Plastpol, i.e. the complete combination of machine, mould, automation and further periphery is a typical example of Netstal's vast experience in the supply of all-embracing solutions. Next to the highly productive injection moulding system the customer is also provided with the necessary processing know-how to ensure that he is able to produce parts of impeccable quality right from the first hour of production.

The all-electric Elion fully considers also the ecological aspects such as noise, emissions and energy economies which become of ever greater importance to the processors. The customer benefits from the low energy consumption of the Elion.

Thanks to the recovery principle the braking energy is returned to the power circuit in order to be supplied to further consumers on the machine. Efficiently applied, up to 70% of the energy consumption can be saved compared with conventional drive systems. Apart from this the all-electrically driven Elion is outstandingly suitable for use in the clean room. This thanks to features such as encapsulated and water-cooled electric motors which ensure an operation virtually free of emissions.

With the customers' increasing call for added value beyond the equipment purchase, the services offered right around the moulding machines are more and more important. Under the service brand Netstal Support Concept the specialists of Netstal look after the customers right around the clock, and this worldwide. This service performance guarantees the equipment operator an efficient production. The availability of Netstal's know-how and long experience means that the investor can rely on valuable support during the entire project phase.

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