Multi-cavity moulds with activeFlowBalance at Plastpol

Multi-cavity moulds with activeFlowBalance… Demag Plastics Group SP. z.o.o. presented an exhibition piece of particular added value on Stand 15 in Hall G at Plastpol 2014; a highly precise, dynamic and energy efficient fully electric injection moulding machine, which used the innovative technology building block activeFlowBalance.

At Plastpol 2014, the Demag Plastics Group Sp. z o.o. presented a fully electric IntElect 100 (clamping force 1,000 kN) with a 32-fold wall plug mould. The particular challenge is to fill the mould process capable without creating burrs. Therefore, the technology building block activeFlowBalance is used here. The effect of activating activeFlowBalance on the formation of the elements in the individual cavities of the mould was practically demonstrated.

The characteristic attributes of the fully electric series IntElect are safety, process continuity and precision during the most demanding tasks with closest tolerances. The IntElect machine series uses the electric direct drives, which are optimised for the injection moulding process, and are developed and produced by Sumitomo (SHI) Demag. When compared with belt-driven electric drives, these direct drives with their highly dynamic movement axes offer a higher energetic efficiency and offer the highest possible precision, higher repeatability and furthermore, a significant cycle time advantage. Therefore, the electric Sumitomo (SHI) Demag machines fulfil, in particular, the requirements for injection moulding of precision articles in mass production.

activeFlowBalance – balanced multi cavity moulds

activeFlowBalance allows the successful adjustment of irregular and fluctuating balancing of multi-cavity moulds, which otherwise leads to the formation of burrs, insufficient filling and damage to the mould.

Wall plugs from injection moulding process without activeFlowBalance

Wall plugs from injection moulding process without activeFlowBalance: Different pressure levels create different conditions in the cavities, which can lead to the formation of burrs

The machine function uses the expansion of the compressed melt during the transition of injection pressure to holding pressure, when partly filled cavities fill more due to their lower counterpressure. In this way, the fill levels regulate themselves in a natural way without increasing the cycle time.

Wall plugs from the injection moulding process with the machine function activeFlowBalance

Wall plugs from the injection moulding process with the machine function activeFlowBalance, which also allows the safe process production of fill critical parts

Demag Plastics Group Sp. z o.o.

Through its subsidiary company Demag Plastics Group Sp. z o.o. Sumitomo (SHI) Demag Plastics Machinery has been represented in the Polish injection moulding machine market since 2004. Dipl.-Ing. Tomasz Tybura, General Manager of the Demag Plastics Group Sp. z o.o., as founder and joint owner of Dematech, the former Demag agency, looked after (SHI) Demag machine customers for many years.

The company is located 230 km southwest of Warsaw in Czestochowa, where Demag Plastics Group SP. z.o.o. has facilities for customer training and instruction as well as for machine presentations, tool certification and customer trials.

As well as Tomasz Tybura, a further thirteen Demag Plastics Group staff are employed in Poland. Sales engineers and service staff are situated mainly in the three largest centres of the Polish plastic manufacture in Schlesia, Warsaw/Łódź and Bydgoszcz/Poznań.

Demag Plastics Group Sp. z o.o.
Plastpol, 27-30.05.2014
Targi Kielce SA, ul. Zakładowa 1 – Hall G, Stand 15