Mauser NCG expands the company’s reconditioning plant in Brazil

Mauser NCG expands the company’s…
By opening a new factory building adjacent to its location in Taubaté near São Paulo, Mauser NCG will be able to offer full recycling services to its customers in the region.

The Mauser reconditioning subsidiary National Container Group (NCG) offers comprehensive reconditioning services at its location NCG Tankpool in Taubaté, Brazil. By opening the new plant Tankpool REPEL, Mauser NCG will furthermore be able to recycle materials that will be used as Post Consumer Resin (PCR) for producing new packaging solutions.

The equipment was relocated from Barra do Pirai and will be refurbished with a more advanced technology. In the new building, Mauser NCG will process all types of used industrial packaging made of HDPE (high density polyethylene) – from 0.5 liter solutions up to 1,000 liter Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) – and transform it in pelletized recycled resin. This PCR will then be reused at Mauser’s Brazilian production sites to produce jerrycans, IBC accessories, plastic drums, as well as inner layers for plastic drums. The plant opening is expected for the early fourth quarter of 2011 with trial runs from September 5, 2011.

With this commitment, Mauser NCG shows a further investment to professionally manage the entire life cycle of plastic packaging for the benefit of its customers and the environment. This strengthens the Group’s global sustainability initiative and Eco-Cycle concept, designed to help customers combine economy with ecology through advanced packaging solutions.

“By recycling several types of HDPE packaging solutions, our new Tankpool REPEL unit will allow us to expand our Total Recollect strategy to all of our customers,” says Ricardo Goldenberg, Director at NCG Tankpool. “Moreover, this project is aligned with the National Policy on Solid Waste (PNRS) which includes the improvement of recycle activities and a proper waste disposal in Brazil. We are delighted to open this new plant that enables our customers to act in a sustainable way.”

Peter Schaefer, Global Head of NCG, states: “With the expansion of our reconditioning services in Brazil, we are once more able to close the circle of sustainable packaging solutions by giving materials new life. We are continuously expanding our worldwide reconditioning capabilities in order to support all our customers in improving their environmental record. This new plant enables us to manage the entire life cycle of containers and re-emphasize our global sustainability approach.

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