Maag debuts ground-breaking twin outlet extrex pump for reduced complexity in advanced extrusion processes

Maag debuts ground-breaking twin outlet extrex pump for reduced complexity in advanced extrusion processes
As new and increasingly challenging processes enter the extrusion arena, demand for advanced gear pumps offering flexibility and cost efficiency is gaining traction. Enter Maag’s twin outlet extrex pump, which will be formally unveiled at this year’s Fakuma, after a successful launch at a major European customer.

The introduction of processes such as foaming and co-extrusion to drive down costs in the production of pipe and profiles often involves the use of multiple die assemblies. Complex set-ups such as these require very high pressure levels and constant throughput rates during extrusion which in turn increase expectations relative to the pumps involved in the process. Recognizing these challenges, and true to its pioneering spirit, Maag is once again innovating and will be officially introducing its revolutionary extrex GPD twin pump series to processing companies during Fakuma 2012.

First demonstrated to a limited local audience and with growing anticipation during Plast 2012 in Milan, the new extrex GPD series sets itself apart since it allows producers to use only one extruder to feed two die assemblies with a constant flow. Thanks to a unique combination of a single inlet and two outlets, an extrusion line fitted with Maag’s newest pump will be capable of running two completely different die head assemblies with distinct throughput and pressure ratings to produce high quality products.

Maag is no stranger to innovation and drew on more than forty years of experience to engineer the extrex series. This innovative pump features a novel design geometry delivering a higher degree of effectiveness for the producer of semi-finished extrusion goods. The company went to great lengths to insure the pump’s reliability while optimizing the design to improve sealing capabilities and temperature distribution thus guaranteeing product homogeneity. Recognizing the need for process-oriented customization, the company offers a range of heating options, including the choice of electric or fluid media. Special pump configurations meant to answer specific customer requirements are also offered as an optional service. The pump is available now for new installations but can also be ordered as a retrofit.

Ueli Thürig, Maag’s Chief Executive Officer is greatly pleased with this launch, saying, “Our new extrex GPD series really brings challenging extrusion processes to the next level. Maag’s new pump decreases complexity on the one hand while lowering investment costs. A company considering a new investment will now only need one extruder equipped with our new GPD pump to replace two smaller extruders, each with their own set of controls, required space and operator attention, thus reducing overall capital expenditure and labour costs.

On the other hand, it also reduces potential downtime at operations running only one extruder and switching between processes. Early positive response reinforces our belief that this product will be a turning point in the design of new extrusion lines. Increasingly specific processes will bring additional pressure on equipment manufacturers and Maag’s unchallenged combination of pump construction and processing experience, coupled with a truly global footprint puts the company in a unique position to successfully address those challenges.”

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