Liquid silicone rubber with radiation-shielding properties

In addition, silicone rubber's superior characteristics of weather resistance and durability are widely recognized in such application areas as sealants for construction applications and electronics components, and it is most suitable as a material for applications that require long-term reliability. Furthermore, because the Radibarrier Series do not contain environmentally hazardous substances such as lead, it has the big advantage of being burnable in incinerators after use.

Shin-Etsu Chemical has also been successful in the development of a prototype that has an even greater radiation-shielding effect. Shin-Etsu is also focusing on furthering the goal of using this radiation-shielding material as an alternative material to lead, which is presently used as a radiation-shielding material in such application areas as nuclear power-related facilities and in the medical field.

Sales of the radiation-shielding "Radibarrier Series" in areas designated by the national government as Special Decontamination Areas and Intensive Contamination Survey Areas will be handled by EARTH Corporation. Shin-Etsu Chemical will serve as the service window in all other cases.

Going forward, Shin-Etsu Chemical will continue to support the restoration of the disaster-stricken areas of Japan through our key materials and technologies.

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