LS Mtron Introduces the ONE MuCell Product Line

LS Mtron Introduces the ONE…

LS Mtron has introduced a new line ofinjection molding machines, each equipped with Trexel MuCellâ technology for foam moldingapplications.

 The ONE*MuCell® product line of injection molding machines consists of 10 models (from 500~3,300tons), with features that will help molders succeed with foam molding for awide variety of applications. Key features include the Core Back function, which  stabilizes and maximizes thefoaming rates of a product, and the Servo Valve, which allows for preciseposition control.



U-shaped tie bar teeth

-Higher tie bar strength
-Improved half nut tightening

Half nut – Simultaneous operation

-Reduced cycle time

Tie bar spacing construction(opt)

-Easy to change molds in low ceilings

Digital position sensor

-Precise position control
-Reduced errors

KEBA Controller

-Precision control
-Enhanced user convenience

Screw design only for MuCell® foaming

-L/D:23 (MMU:22)
-Ball Check Valve with backflow protection

High-pressure system

-Reduced cycle time

Injection unit optimized for foam molding

-High floor area ratio and injection speed
-Accurate back pressure control

LSMtron provides its 'One Stop Solution’ for foam molding in various applications, ranging from molds and auxiliary equipment to complete turnkey machines.  These turnkey packages will provide improvedyield by offering customers the optimized conditions for foam molding based on LS Mtron's accumulated know-how and experience.
LSMtron and Trexel Agreement
LSMtron, the largest manufacturer of injection molding machines from South Korea, signed its agreement with Trexel tolicense Trexel's MuCellâ technology in 2019. 
“MuCell is an outstanding technology that satisfies both light-weighting and quality of plastic products,and will contribute to customer productivity improvement and costreduction," said Seung-Dong Park, head of LS Mtron’s Injection Research Center. “We are pleased to now be introducing this new line of MuCell-capable molding machines to the plastics industry.” 
CTO Kyung-Nyung Woo, headof LS Mtron’s Technology Development Division, said, "Through this agreement with Trexel, we will cooperate not only for current Micro cell technology but also for future Nano cell technology development to continuously strengthen lightweight technology."

About LS Mtron Injection Molding Machines

LS Mtron Injection Molding Machines is a division of LS Corporation, a $30 billion USD conglomerate of companies that was founded by South Korean-based tech giant LG Corporation.

LS Mtron IMM was borne out of the Injection Molding Machinery needs of LG Corporation, one of the world’s largest plastic molders, who was producing components used in the manufacturing of LG-brand products.  When LG needed more injection molding machines to keep up with its tremendous demand, they began making machines for their own use.  LG originally produced their own machines using drawings licensed from Toshiba. Eventually, they created the LS Mtron brand which today produces up to 2,800 machines per year, not only for use by its own related companies (LG Electronics, LG Appliances, LS Automotive, LG Solar, etc.), but for many other molders around the world.

LS Mtron machines are premium quality, manufactured in supply-chain friendly South Korea.  LS maintains total control over manufacturing its machines by leveraging the tremendous power of its founding company, LG Corporation, and its related spin-offs.  This includes using Korean-made steel from an LS subsidiary, servo motors made by an LG-founded company, and more, including the ability to ship through another LG-related company, LX Pantos. This helps LS Mtron conquer the long lead times many others experience. When building a new molding machine, LS Mtron can achieve castings to cargo ready in about 100 days.  

In the USA, LS Mtron Injection Molding Machines is led by Peter Gardner, Business Director.  The company’s US headquarters are in Peachtree Corners, GA (near Atlanta), and its Tech Center is in Wood Dale, IL (near Chicago).  


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Comprehensive manufacturer producing hydraulic and hybrid injection molding machine, 30 ton to 850 ton electric injection molding machine, 68 ton to 700 ton toggle-type injection molding machine.

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