KraussMaffei's smallest becomes top of the class

Rapid tool changes

A newly developed ejector coupling from KraussMaffei makes it easier to change molds and is capable of compensating for small axis offsets between the mold and ejector. An optional bayonet quick mold clamping system enables particularly short mold set-up times. In addition, KraussMaffei offers manual bar-pulling devices for mold changes, as well as automatic bar-pulling devices for frequent changeovers. "This provides our customers with customized solutions for a fast mold change. In order to produce in a cost-effective manner, contract manufacturers in particular must have the ability to react quickly and adapt the manufacturing process as easily as possible," adds Jochen Mitzler, Head of Strategic Product and Technology Management at KraussMaffei.

The standard CX, as well as the new CX, already provides more space for molds. The customer has option of selecting different platen sizes and distances. This makes it possible to enlarge the mold area by another 40 percent. Additional advantage: For some applications, the machine can even be sized smaller than before. The complex design of molds for multi-component injection molding machinery often makes them too large for the machine size that has sufficient clamping force. "The 13 percent wider platens enable such applications to be produced on a CX 130, while the competition needs a 160-ton machine. The 20 percent benefit for efficiency is plain to see: a reduced machine hourly rate and lower operating costs," explains Mitzler.


New time calculation and the best consumption values

The new CX clamps about 15 percent faster on average. This is achieved thanks to optimized interaction between the new valve technology and hydraulic switching concepts. Service access was substantially improved by the new click function of the cover for the most important hydraulic components. Moreover, the new cover is also soundproof and reduces noise emissions by 30 percent. This not only creates pleasant working conditions, but also makes it possible to mesh injection molding production and assembly workstations closely together.

In addition, the new CX reduces power, oil, and masterbatch consumption. The drive concept has been energy-optimized and requires ten percent less electricity than before thanks to smart battery management with a disconnectable battery. The BluePower Vario drive option, a variable-speed asynchronous motor, improves efficiency and reduces idling capacity. The longer the cycle times, the greater the savings—up to 30 percent compared to the traditional hydraulic variant. The oil volume was reduced by 20 percent.

Ideal, even for small shot weights

Thanks to special adapters for the plasticizing unit of the CX series, the machine can easily be adjusted for smaller shot weights. The adapter concept enables the adaptation of up to two injection unit sizes. Plastics processors benefit from this new flexibility and can, for example, eliminate the use of large, expensive sprues and save resources. The tried-and-true high-performance screw also conserves material. Its good homogenization performance means that the color masterbatch amount can be reduced by up to 30 percent, which - at prices as high as 20 euros per kilogram - easily adds up to a few thousand euros per year.