IPL Packaging conquers bulk packaging market with IML

IPL Packaging conquers bulk…
IPL Packaging, which has 4 production locations in Canada, is one of the leading manufacturers of IML packaging in North America. In addition to their innovative product line for smaller thin-wall IML containers, in recent years IPL has invested a great deal in developing larger IML containers.

IPL is the only manufacturer in North America able to offer 8 different PP containers, from 2 to 5 gallons, using IML. In this Printing Company Verstraete has consistently been one of the major partners in supporting their IML based product development.

Large packaging containers such as these using IML offer the end-customer various benefits. The customer can choose different label sizes (full wrap / half wrap). Amazing photographic quality is used for the printing and there is the ability to apply small print (smaller than with direct printing). IPL is able to produce lower volume orders more cost-effectively in order to keep the cost under control. Larger packaging was previously decorated using direct printing, making design changes more expensive. Moreover the larger square containers are a major success because they make optimum use of the available space on store shelves.