Husky to launch first all-electric machines at K

Husky to launch first all-electric machines at K
At the upcoming K 2010 show, Husky Injection Molding Systems will introduce all-electric injection moulding machines aimed at PET preforms and medical moulding – the first ones from a company that had long eschewed all-electrics, instead favouring hydraulic and hybrid technology.

Husky announced the news on September 15. K 2010 runs from October 27 through November 3 in Düsseldorf, Germany. Husky will introduce two small-tonnage, all-electric presses at K: the H-PET AE and the H-MED AE. The AE designation stands for all-electric.

Officials of the Canadian machinery maker said both presses will complement Husky’s product line based on the Hylectric platform, a hybrid technology that combines both hydraulic and electric power. Hylectric presses include HyPET, HyCAP and HyPAC.

A Husky spokeswoman said the company will announce more details at the K show, including the tonnage range of the all-electric machines. But Husky’s news release did say AE presses will be a smaller size than the Hylectric platform, while offering the same performance and quality. Husky officials were not immediately available for comment. In the news release, John Galt, Husky’s president and CEO, said both presses serve an important role.

“We are leveraging our application knowledge in hot runners and controllers to go grow our presence in the medical market,” Galt said. “H-MED AE is a completely integrated, clean room compatible, all-electric system that will offer the speed, quality and control demanded by medical customers, as well as the precision and repeatability they need.”

PET preform injection moulding is a key market for Husky. “With the launch of the H-PET AE, we have applied our beverage packaging experience to develop a small, efficient and low-maintenance all-electric solution that is purpose-built for PET preform manufacturing,” Galt said in the release.

He said the H-PET AE is designed for moulders “in emerging markets and low-volume or custom producers in more mature economies.”

All-electric injection presses use electric power to run all movements on the machine. Advocates of the technology say it cuts energy use and gives precise, repeatable moulding.
Nearly every other injection moulding press maker already offers all-electric machines. But Husky has long held off, even as all-electrics grew to dominate the small-tonnage segment.
Husky founder Robert Schad once dismissed all the talk about all-electrics as “mass hypnotism,” saying that Husky’s hybrid machines could outperform the all-electric press.
As recently as 2006, Galt said that the company was not developing an all-electric press.