High lightening pigment for brilliant effects from BASF

High lightening pigment for… BASF will present Lumina Royal Dragon Gold effect pigment, the newest member of Lumina Royal product family during the 2016 K trade fair in Düsseldorf from October 19th - 26th.

The new Lumina Royal Dragon Gold EH 0908 is a brilliant green shade gold mica effect pigment that offers the highest lightness and strongest sparkle in styling for yellows and greens. It extends the color space potential of high chroma shades for packaging, consumer electronics, household appliances, sporting goods and other specialty applications.

"Lumina Royal Dragon Gold provides attractive shades, especially in combination with yellow pigments or in black reduction," says Marc Dumont, Head of Marketing for Pigments for Plastics at BASF. "Our customers will be able to formulate new looks of greenish gold hues with exceptional sparkling and brilliance." Thanks to its unique coloristic properties, the pigment enables exploring new boundaries of the colors and effects space for a wide range of colored plastics applications and allows a greater formulation flexibility to customers. It additionally enables approaching brilliance of coatings finishes when applied in a high gloss polymer molding.

Lumina Royal Dragon Gold joins five previously launched highly chromatic Lumina Royal pigments including Aqua, Blue, Indigo, Magenta and Copper that are being widely adopted.


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