Graviblend generation with integrated material conveying

Graviblend can be operated either as a single line or multi-line system, with as many as eight feeding stations per line. There are already over 2000 Graviblend feeding and mixing systems in service throughout the world.

The feeding module features four different modes of operation. In production mode, the module feeds the material into the collecting vessel with absolute formulation accuracy. The unique patented shut-off device of the feeding system prevents any after-spill of material. The dosed quantities of material slide down channels into the middle of the collection hopper where they are homogeneously mixed.

The second mode of operation permits the taking of samples, thus preventing any possible startup waste when calibrating during changeover from one product to another. The two other modes of operation serve as bypass functions, that is to say, either the extruder can be fed with material without any feeding function (the extruder is simply flooded with material) or the system can be emptied rapidly (the entire weighing vessel is emptied within seconds), e.g. for changing the screw or for changing over from one material to another.

Colortronic Systems is a global, market leading systems engineering company manufacturing material processing machines and equipment for the plastics production/processing industry and for the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. Colortronic Systems supplies volumetric and gravimetric feeding and mixing systems, conveying systems, drying systems and crystallizing systems.

The company offers its customers not only the entire spectrum, from high precision stand-alone units through to complete customized turnkey systems, but also a full service from start to finish, from initial conception and engineering through to the commissioning of complete automation projects.

Colortronic Systems is part of the ralf schneider group, which was established in 2006. The ralf schneider group has a work force of over 500 employees worldwide and a target-group-oriented organization that is able to offer specific markets the optimum in compounding and peripheral systems and units.



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