Generational change in ENGEL ITALIA

Generational change in ENGEL…
With the beginning of the new year, ENGEL ITALIA is initiating the generational change in management. As of January 1, 2018, Dr. Matteo Terragni is taking over the management of the sales and service subsidiary of the Austria-based injection moulding machine builder. So as to hand over the business to his successor in an orderly fashion, the previous Managing Director, Maurizio Passalacqua, will remain in the board of management as advisor for some time.

"We are very happy at being able to organise the change in management with a long-term view, thus ensuring a high degree of continuity for our customers", emphasises Dr. Christoph Steger, CSO of the ENGEL Group. "With Dr. Matteo Terragni, we have gained a very experienced injection moulding expert, who has already done a lot of work with ENGEL. We know each other well, which will contribute to a smooth transition for our customers as well as the ENGEL ITALIA team."

"I am familiar with ENGEL as a reliable partner in terms of quality, availability and innovative technologies when it comes to injection moulding processing", says Dr. Matteo Terragni. "That is why I am proud to now be a member of the ENGEL family myself, and am looking forward to my new challenges."

Matteo Terragni previously held leadership positions with international responsibility in the raw materials and the automotive supply industries, as well as in tool manufacturing. He studied chemistry at the University of Milan.

Very well positioned in the plastics industry

In 1990, Maurizio Passalacqua took over the management of the just previously established subsidiary, which at first was based in Cavenago Brianza, north-east of Milan. The move into neighbouring Vimercate provided ENGEL with more space and allowed it to build its own training facility, including a large technology centre. Seminars and industry conferences are being held there on a regular basis.

Today, ENGEL ITALIA has more than 30 employees and is supporting in excess of 1,000 active customers. "Maurizio Passalacqua has positioned ENGEL very well in the Italian plastics industry, and has expanded the offering to our customers continuously and with a great deal of commitment", says Christoph Steger. "He is turning over the subsidiary in excellent condition."

Matteo Terragni

Dr. Matteo Terragni

Source: ENGEL


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