GN Thermoforming launches DX Series for high-output APET food packaging

GN Thermoforming launches DX Series for high-output APET food packaging
GN Thermoforming Equipment has introduced the GN DX series of thermoformers – a new line of servo-driven machines that provide significantly greater cutting capacity of APET sheet for food packaging applications.

The GN 3021 DX (30 x 21 in. forming area) and GN 3625 DX (36 x 25 in forming area) models boast a more robust design with increased production capability.

The GN DX series helps processors meet the growing worldwide demand for APET packaging while also converting most other thermoformable grade sheet products, according to Jerome Romkey, GN marketing manager. - These new products will become the choice of customers who require a larger forming area and increased cutting capacity to provide maximum part production - said Romkey.

The DX machines feature reinforced cast beams which provide increased rigidity for cutting APET materials. These thermoformers cut 50% more linear knife than standard GN machines. The GN 3021 DX handles sheet widths up to 815 mm and operates at 25 to 30 dry cycles/min. The servo-driven machine offers exceptional energy savings with power consumption of 7.5 kW/hr. At 12-ft long and 6-ft wide, the machine’s footprint is small for its platen size, according to Romkey.

The GN 3625 DX handles sheet widths up to 965 mm and offers higher throughput, running up to 30 cycles/min. It too offers energy savings with power consumption of only 12 kW/hr. Both machines can run sheet thicknesses ranging from 0.15 mm to 1 mm.

The DX line also boasts a state-of-the-art transport system which when combined with common-edged cutting dies helps reduce overall scrap to 12% to 14% (well below the industry standard), resulting in more parts per kilogram of material. Each machine comes with a built-in powered unwinder, an adjustable part stripping point for increased speed, easy vacuum hook-up, and an integrated diagnostic system which also allows technicians to monitor and troubleshoot from a remote location.

GN Thermoforming has already sold two GN 3021 DX models to companies in the Netherlands and Turkey for production of APET trays for fruit and chocolate products.

GN Thermoforming Equipment, based in Chester , Nova Scotia , is a leading global manufacturer of servo-driven, roll-fed thermoforming machines for production of plastic packaging. The company’s advanced machines combine the two critical steps of forming and cutting into one operation, resulting in excellent clarity and detail of the finished product. Innovative design combines the best of pressure forming and vacuum forming, resulting in high-output, energy-efficient systems that produce little waste and are simple to use. These machines are compact - typically requiring one-third the floor space of traditional machines - and are ideally suited to produce high-quality plastic packaging from a range of materials including OPS, PVC, HIPS, PET, and PP.

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