From the basics to the smart MuCell machine

Less weight, better component properties

For many years, the MuCell conferences have generated some of the highest demand of all the events in ENGEL's calendar, emphasising the increasing significance of foam injection moulding technology. "The most important driver of this trend is the automotive industry", states Fischer. "In addition, the technology is also being increasingly used in other sectors, for example in the areas of technical injection moulding and medical technology.”

Physical foaming using MuCell involves injecting a propellant into the plastic melt during plasticising, which results in the formation of a fine-celled foam structure after injection into the mould. In comparison to the standard injection moulding process, this method reduces the raw material required to fill the mould and the weight of the component. At the same time, components produced by MuCell have proven to be extremely dimensionally stable.

MuCell is a brand of the Trexel company, based in Wilmington, USA. As a systems provider, ENGEL imports MuCell systems for its customers, also managing the integration of the controls and safety measures into the injection moulding machine, making it particularly easy to implement the technology.

Components for door locks

SuK in Germany annually produces close to 30 million housing components for door locks using the MuCell foam injection process.

Source: ENGEL

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