Force Majeure in Rhodia

Force Majeure in Rhodia
Rhodia déclare Force Majeure on its HMDA and downstream products.

Rhodia Polyamide Materials continues to be affected by a severe disruption of raw materials procurement due to navigation limitations further to the accident involving a river barge on the Rhine which occurred on January 13, 2011. This, combined with a supply shortage following an equipment breakdown on the ADN production facility in Chalampe (France), leads Rhodia to declare today Force Majeure on its HMDA and downstream products.

Resumption of normal Polyamide production is expected by the beginning of March 2011.

The overall impact on the Group's EBITDA is estimated at around €(25)M. This will be for the most part recorded in the current quarter.

Rhodia is investigating all possible alternatives to mitigate the impact caused to its customers.

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