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Three new Engel v-duo machines for Europe and Mexico

Engel v-duo machines and the integrated system solutions are utilised above all for processing duroplastic moulding material such as SMC and for reactive technologies such as HP‑RTM, but also for processing semi-finished materials such as thermoplastic fabric and tape.

Around the turn of the year, Engel made its latest delivery of three Engel v-duo machines to customers in the lightweight design industry. All three are equipped with an integrated high-pressure metering system from Engel's partner Hennecke of St. Augustin, Germany. Two of the machines will remain in Europe, while the third, an Engel v-duo 1700 with a clamping force of 17,000 kN, was installed in Mexico.

Center for Lightweight Composite Technologies expands capacity

Engel is also currently commissioning a 17,000 kN machine for operation at its Center for Lightweight Composite Technologies. "We are thus expanding the capacity for our own development work, as well as for the projects of our customers," as Egger emphasises. "With the Engel v-duo 700 that is already in operation and the new Engel v-duo 1700, we can now cover an even broader spectrum of thermoplastic and duroplastic fibre-reinforced composite applications." The new production cell with injection unit, integrated Engel easix multi-axis robot and multi-component high-pressure metering system for reactive processing technology is optimally equipped for very diverse composite technologies. Of course, the new IR oven is also available for development and customer test projects.

"The demand for components that combine very high performance with very low weight continues to increase rapidly," says Peter Egger. "The biggest challenge is still the development of economical processes for the very large batch numbers that are characteristic for the automotive industry. Beyond that, we are also receiving growing numbers of inquiries from other areas, for example the entertainment electronics or sports equipment industries. Our interdisciplinary approach and the excellent collaboration between the Center for Lightweight Composite Technologies and the Teletronics and Technical Moulding business units also make Engel an ideal partner for these applications.”

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