El-Exis SP impresses with high speed

Individual adjustment options result in a customised manufacturing cell
A highlight of the new machine is that users - in addition to general optimisation - can adapt the mould movement to suit their own particular packaging application. This is made possible by the new activeAdjust function. By means of a slide control, the operator can increase or - if necessary - decrease the dynamics of the mould movement in relation to the individual application - without external aid. The activeAdjust function is not limited to the mould movement, but can be used for every machine movement, such as the ejector movement and switching over from injection pressure to hold pressure. This allows the El-Exis SP, which leaves the factory designed for a broad range of applications, to be individually adjusted and easily adapted to the product and the process.

At the same time, the active mould protection system ensures a high degree of security. The tried and tested activeQ function, which stops the clamping motion of the mould in the case of unusually high movement force, has now been supplemented by the new active+ function for the controlled motion of the mould.

Users can also optimise the energy efficiency to suit their individual requirements. This is where the new activeEcon function comes into play. By taking detailed measurements of the energy consumption for the heating and drives, targeted improvements are possible throughout all parts of the cycle. The program automatically calculates how this affects the production costs.

Enhanced injection performance as well
The production of packaging makes enormous demands on the plastification (preparation of material) and injection performance of an injection moulding machine. In addition to an increase of around 30 % in the injection speed to a maximum of 1,000 mm/s, Sumitomo (SHI) Demag has also significantly improved the dynamics on the acceleration and deceleration of the injection process. In just 25 ms the screw of the El-Exis SP accelerates from 0 to 800 mm/s.

In addition, there has been a further enhancement of the plasticising and homogenising performance. "By significantly increasing the peripheral screw speeds, we are reacting to the continual rise in plasticising rates and already offer users reserves for future increases," emphasises Product Manager Bernd Tröger.

Packages for IML and the screw cap production
The El-Exis SP can be enhanced by the addition of special packages for in-mould labelling and screw cap production. The IML package includes the interfaces needed for the connection of the IML system and operation with open guard doors on the operator side.

The package for the efficient production of screw caps, for example, includes a barrier screw with an L:D ratio of 25:1 and a special non-return valve. Furthermore, a cavity control function and an interface for optical inspection systems supports the production quality. A powerful ejector safely and rapidly ejects even shrink-fitted caps.