Coveris' trays in Polish retail chains

Coveris' trays in Polish retail… Coveris Rigid Poland offers PP and PET/PE trays for a wide range of poultry and red meat products, which are sold in Lidl and Biedronka retail chains in Poland.

Coveris Rigid offers coloured PP trays, an ideal packaging solution for poultry products, which are sold via leading retail chains in Poland.

The packaging manufacturer expanded its offering for the fresh food market by launching new multi-coloured PET/PE trays. The product range is highly relevant for pork and beef products, making it suitable not only for poultry but also red meat producers.

While the PP trays are the ideal packaging solution for poultry products and its derivates, the PET/PE trays are perfectly suitable for red meat and delicatessen products. It is also possible to use Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), which allows extended product shelf life of the packaged good. The PET material properties ensure optimal rigidity, immunity against mechanical damages and perfect product appearance. The embedded PE layer allows efficient and air-tight packaging. Automatically applied absobers guarantee fresh and aesthetic meat & poultry exposition.

The PP and PET/PE trays are available in universal tray sizes with different dimensions and depths: 187 x 137 mm, 227 x 178 mm, 205 x 160 mm, 190 x 144 mm and 275 x 175 mm. They ensure a smooth processing on packing lines like for tray sealing.


The most important factors in the development of new packaging solutions for the meat segment were product shelf life prolongation and flavour strengthening at the same time. This has been achieved with the new PET/PE trays, which also present a more cost efficient solution compared to standard EPS trays. Cost efficiency is the result of a reduction of unsold returns and logistics optimization.

Besides functional and aesthetic improvements, Coveris' new packaging range has been enriched with automatically applied absorbers of various sizes and absorption capacity. In order to fullfil customers' expectations, the range has been extended by new quadripartite-closed absorbers. This feature gained special appreciation amongst poultry suppliers of Biedronka retail chain.

With additional manufacturing capacities for PP trays in Finland and Turkey, Coveris achieves broad geographical coverage, making it a truly multi-local packaging solution provider.

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