Clariant releases ColorForward Interiors 2016

Oh, my go(l)d… an unapologetic acknowledgement that excess can lead to unique pleasures, whether one is a super-rich celebrity or a fan who follows them through social media, "people" magazines and reality TV. Like it or not, outlandish, gaudy baubles and outrageous behavior is "in".

These colors are classy and brash, all at the same time. Don’t Touch My Jelly Shot! is a lime green, and gold, naturally, is called You Cannot Afford Me.

Love… is spelled with a Wi-Fi symbol inside the 'o' to represent the ways in which technology and human life have merged. Immersed in the cloud, wirelessly connected sensors track personal health and even create new connections between people. We access medical information, monitor vital signs and depend on devices to help carry out even the simplest of tasks. Technology has become an invisible, yet caring, family member.

The colors in this palette are warm and comforting, ranging from the soft, brown Teddycare, to a bluish grey silver called Invisible Attraction and a coral pink named Cora(l)zon.

Work It Girl… this theme points to a new kind of feminism that ignores stereotypes about what is feminine and what it means to be empowered. It is about having the freedom to be what you want to be. Women today don’t feel the same need to limit themselves the way they used to. The power of the Internet and all those other social connections are giving women a stronger voice and they are using it to create new definitions of what it means to be female.

The colors in this grouping range from a flaming red/orange called Kiss My…, the cheekiness of The Bush Is Back, a brand-new multicolor effect that encapsulates tiny fibers of pink and black in a transparent matrix, and also a soft, transparent pink to affirm that you no longer have to be embarrassed to show your femininity.

There are five colors representing each trend and they are reproduced in a total of 20 pompons. There are also four wrap cards, with each card holding fibers of all five colors of the four trend groups.

"Fabrics and carpeting are usually made up of fibers of many different colors," says Alessandro Pozzati, Industrial Designer, ColorWorks Europe/IMEA, Merate, Italy. "The wrap cards show designers a visible combination of colors so it is possible to see how the different hues of each palette might work together. This same mix-and-match effect can be achieved by grouping the pompons."

"The fiber and textiles market is very diverse," points out ColorWorks designer, Judith van Vliet, "and there are ideas and colors in ColorForward Interiors to provide inspiration for any of the sectors. For instance, the new neutral shades in the Liquid Minds palette and the warm, soft colors of Love probably will appeal to automotive fabric designers who may not have considered these shades before. On the other hand, brighter colors with electric hints – like Don’t Touch My Jelly Shot! in Oh, My Go(l)d – can liven up sport goods. Really, there is something here for everyone."

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