Bericap's new press-on closure for syrup

Bericap's new press-on closure for syrup
Bericap's experience in the manufacture of closures for the syrup market has led it to develop a closure fitting the well-known PCO 1881 neck. Aproz Source Minérale is using the closure for its new flip-top products. Switzerland-based Aproz had already converted its bottles for mineral water and carbonated soft drinks to the PCO 1881 neck finish. Using the same neck for its syrup product was a logical next step towards concentrating on a single neck finish that is widely available in the market and offered by several pre-form suppliers. This move was made possible thanks to Bericap's development of the HC EV 28/27 closure, which can simply be pressed onto the PCO 1881 neck. The essential functional features of the closure, such as the integrity of the product and proper pouring, are retained.

The conversion to the PCO 1881 short neck and the related press-on closure delivered some resin savings as well. Bericap's press-on HC EV 28/27 one-piece hinge closure comes with a non-slit interbead band, which means that the closure cannot be removed from the bottles without being destroyed. A tear-off membrane assures the integrity of the product. Both functions ensure high safety against tampering. A non-drip pouring lip prevents drips from the product after pouring. Bericap had introduced the EV 28/26 press-on closure, which also fits the PCO 1881 neck as well, some time ago. That closure is opened with a screw cap, whereas the new product (HC EV 28/27) offers a hinge-cap opening.


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