BOY celebrates its 50th business year - with an award

A free „Extra“ in the anniversary year 2018

BOY is currently preparing a special “thank-you” for its customers in Germany and abroad: "In the year of our company anniversary we will put together a free anniversary package for all BOY Injection Moulding Machines. This package includes five free options for our customers ordering machines in the period from July 1 until to the end of the anniversary year" says Alfred Schiffer. Specifically, these are the options:
  • Interface for the ejector plate safety,
  • four freely-programmable inputs and outputs,
  • the interface package,
  • the relay output during plasticizing,
  • the oil filling of the machine.

Innovative into the future

With regard to the digitalization of the plastics industry - rising demands on manufacturers in terms of Industry 4.0, the digital networking of machines and their development towards Artificial Intelligence (AI) - BOY sees itself well prepared. BOY continues to be one of the trendsetters in the global plastics industry with its current motto "Innovative into the future - BOY-Injectioneering" - a motto that is constantly being implemented by innovative concepts and solutions.

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