BASF takes care of environment

BASF also wants to further improve on what it has achieved in the areas of climate protection and energy efficiency and has set itself new ambitious goals. By 2020, BASF aims to reduce its specific greenhouse gas emissions, i.e., per metric ton of product sold, by 25 percent compared with 2002. In addition, for the first time, BASF has set a quantitative goal for improving energy efficiency.

- We have made significant progress and have continuously improved BASF`s energy efficiency in recent years. We want to become even better and aim to increase the specific energy efficiency of our production processes by 25 percent by 2020 compared with 2002 - confirms Schwager. - This is a very ambitious goal, but also a very important one. We see energy efficiency as the key to combining climate protection, conserving resources and achieving a competitive advantage - he adds.

To emphasize the strategic importance of climate protection, BASF will appoint a Climate Protection Officer for the first time. - Climate protection is an integral part of BASF`s sustainability strategy and is increasingly becoming a long-term strategic issue - said Voscherau - As far as we know, we are the first global industrial company to establish the position of Climate Protection Officer.

the headquarter of BASF in Ludwigshafen, Germany

The Climate Protection Officer will be a member of BASF`s Sustainability Council and will coordinate all the company`s activities in this area worldwide. This will include topics like greenhouse gas emissions from products and disposal of products well as the long-term positioning of BASF in the area of climate protection.

- Voscherau appealed to German and European politicians to promote effective and sustainable policies for energy and climate protection that preserve the innovative power and competitiveness of European industry.

- Where will the solutions come from if they don`t come from industry? - he asked. - Climate protection is a global task that needs global strategies. Germany is the technological leader in environmental protection. It has to be our goal to promote these technologies worldwide and to make them available worldwide. This is the intention of the German Federation of Industries` initiative ?Business for Climate Protection`. In order to achieve lasting solutions, everyone has to do their part. We are prepared to do our part - finished Voscherau.

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